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Today, 100 years ago, was the first flight of a helicopter.  But that was not the only thought on the wings.. In China – in 400BC, some prototypes of helicopters were made as well..

One hundred years ago Frenchman Paul Cornu piloted a twin-rotor helicopter of his own design, and rose about one foot (0.3 meter) off the ground. He hovered for about 20 seconds. Or he didn’t. A century after that maiden flight, some engineers and historians question whether Cornu’s craft could have taken wing as he described it.
But despite the skepticism, most helicopter historians — especially in France — still mark the first helicopter flight on Nov. 13, 1907. That makes this centennial the perfect time to take a look back at the long history of stationary flight, from its roots in ancient China, to concept vehicles being touted as the flying cars of the future.

Goes to show how fast the world of aviation has changed over the years!  In just 100 years, the world has built kick-ass helicopters from this frame in the air kind of contraption.

With A380, now a reality, the world of aviation can only go higher!

source: Wired