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Rather interesting!  I could not have thought that simple dry cells (albeit close to 200 of them) could power a car to even 70 miles an hour!  IT is pretty good for a bunch of students.  It shows that if enough minds are put to this worthy goal of replacing the current crop of cars with those that run on something other than Petroleum products… then it may be possible!  But for now the Oil companies need some profits… so who would even think of this?  The real breakthroughs in this area should really come from the Japanese companies who may not be beholden to the Oil companies of the US as the Detroit trio may be.

A group of Japanese students ran a dry cell-powered vehicle at an average speed of 105.95 kilometres (65.83 miles) per hour Saturday to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

The car, powered by 192 Matsushita Oxyride AA dry-cell batteries, hit a top speed of 122.00 kph (75.81 mph) during time trials here in the presence of a Japanese agent for Guinness.  The average speed is said to be the fastest achieved by a dry cell-powered vehicle.  The Guinness adjudicator said he would report the achievement to his head office for formal recognition.  The 38-kilogramme (84-pound) vehicle is 3.3 metres (10.8-foot) long, 78 centimetres (2.6-foot) wide and 56 centimetres (1.8-foot) tall and is manufactured by students at Osaka Sangyo University with the help of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
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