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Last updated on Jun 26, 2010

Posted on Jun 26, 2010

An interesting poll from Pew Research Center says that 40% Americans expect Jesus to return to the earth in the next 40 years (by 2050).  Its difficult to say if that is because of their disappointment at how US is faring or the increase of religiousness amongst the people.

The belief in Christ’s return increased from White Protestants (27%) to Catholics (32) to Evangelicals (58).  The increase in belief also was inversely linked to the level of education of the respondent.  So, no college (59%), some college education (35%), and college graduates (19%).

Meanwhile, a theologian Gunnar Samuelsson, insists that Jesus was never crucified when he was here the first time.  The inference is rather shaky although he believes that a guy called Jesus did exist and that person was the “Son of God”.

It is interesting how someone would argue logically on one side and hold on to a belief based on faith without understanding what it would mean.  Whatever I have read of in Bible, those exchanges or messages which are spiritually profound, seem as if someone is trying to explain a PhD level curriculum to a kindergartner in simple colloquial words and those spoken to don’t even have the slightest of ideas as to what is being told.  The message – spiritual part of it – was bound to have been misunderstood.  And that was the misfortune of Jesus when he was on earth in human form – he was either surrounded by intellectual and spiritual dwarfs or complete idiots.  That they expect him to “return” back is a direct offshoot of that lack of basic spiritual understanding.  Only that who has “left” somewhere, can “return” back.  To believe in the first, you have to be a spiritual illiterate.

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