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Posted on Jan 16, 2009


The art and science of experiencing
  a happy productive life

I’ve always considered myself to be a humble and serious student of life. To me, life has infinite ways of expessing itself, so my way is just one of the many many ways of possible ways.
That’s why I wish to express something important. I’m neither a teacher nor an instructor much less a spiritual guide. When I say a serious student of life, I don’t mean a sad or bored student, on the contrary, I feel that God smiles with me. His smile makes me see ahead of me a very interesting learning life, so I do enjoy for every experience had;  good or apparently bad.

Once more, to this quench for knowledge and starving for wisdom deep inside  my true spiritual being,  have been my eternal companions in my esoteric studies; in this life only fifty years and many more years and past ones.

What does mysticism mean to me? The science and art of applied energy in the most intelligent ways. Our priorities should be focoused on our family relashionships first ,  then in our profession and last but not least in fulfilling our dreams and ideals. Experience has taught me that it is possible to incircle as many fields of study as possible by always using system and order.In other words  self-discipline.

Self-discipline has always been one of the most difficult tasks for any human being to do, but with God’s wise gracious and great help , we can do it. I’m going to mention some of these amazingly interesting topics, so that you can discover that our lives won’t have any single moment of boredom neither stress.

Teology, Remote vision, astral projection, telephatic imagination, auric reinforcement, chakra melodies, color therapy,  sound healing, healing hands, distant healing, assumption powers, mental powers, will power. Intuition, cabala, tarot, Comparative  World History, Astronomy, Astrology, Achitecture, Aecheology, Philosophy, Morals, Ethics, Economy, Antropology etc. As you’ve just seen we have no excuse to be complaining about our current situation.

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