Australia, Racism, and "Routine" City Burnings


In the last few weeks at least four Indians have been attacked, couple of them fatally in Australia.  Such attacks have been going on for over an year now.

Indians in Australia have been specific targets by criminals and killers.  Protests from the Indian Government have been there for a over an year, since the attacks started.

Until now, Australian government was apologetic and was promising “action” and appropriate measures.  However, now, they have changed the tack.  Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard says such attacks happen as a matter of routine in large cities and there is nothing racial about it.

In the last week, two Indians have not only been attacked but also set afire, one fatally.  Now, one would obviously wonder if its fairly “routine” and “normal” for Aussies to burn folks walking on the streets??  Or is it something unusual?  What were the motivation?

I am sure if there is a scan done of the internet chat rooms/forums and discourse recorded in Churches and other congregations there would be strong “chatter” confirming a spread of racial hatred.

India is a democratic country and we have a right to air our views as we deem fit.  So, Mail Today, a newspaper, brought out a cartoon showing the Aussie policeman as a Ku Klux Klan individual.  That somehow turned the heat on the Australians where everyone and his brother (or Mate?) is condemning it and finding it offensive.

The editor of the Indian Newspaper, however, has defended his cartoon and stood his ground despite howls from the Australians of all hues.  It was the cartoonists right to air his view of the incident which he wanted to do in a telling manner and he did!  Too bad if you are sensitive, Aussies!

What should Indians Do?

1. Well, for one thing, India is growing at a remarkable clip, so leaving the Indian shores for Australia, which isn’t exactly galloping economy-wise isn’t very smart.
2. If you want to leave India for a better Quality of LIfe, then consider US or Canada.  Its a free world out there with lots of competition for brains.  The country which wants to get smart people to boost their economy better take care of them as well.  And Canada and US, in that order, are probably the top most countries for immigrants in the world when it comes to protecting their rights.  Ditch Australia.  No need to spend your hard earned money in that country.. instead invest in an education that has a history of excellence!
3. Organize.  Politicians and Businesses listen to masses and powerful groups.  In the US and Canada, Indian community has become a strong voice simply because they are better organized.  That helps to present one’s voice and viewpoint better.  Sulking or counter-violence is not the answer, Activism is!

Meanwhile, the cartoonists should continue to let their displeasure known in no uncertain ways!

Reference Links:

1. Australia slam Indian paper’s Ku Klux Klan cartoon
2. Indian editor defends KKK cartoon

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