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The demolition of Babri Masjid was unique in lot of ways.  It was the first time that Hindus were brought together in one mass and asserted themselves in a way they had never done before.

Whatever the minorities were known to do – come together as a vote bank – was attempted for the first time in India for majority.

One person gave voice to an age old injustice committed on a nation – of invaders coming and without provocation or retaliation from the hosts and deciding to destroy the culture and basic fabric of a people by hitting at the very foundation.

It was a standard practice that completely uprooted Buddhism from India, destroyed ancient Universities and places of higher learning like Nalanda and brought down numerous temples and sacred environments to dust.

If the ancient culture and people still survived in this land, then its a miracle.  Latin America, most of the Europe, Africa and most of Asia is testimony to the genocide and complete wipe out by the invaders.

The same strategy was attempted by the invaders to India as well.  That it did not succeed is testimony to the intricate fabric that was woven into this civilization for millenia!

Babri Masjid was no harmless structure.  It was an embodiment of how humanity can fall from basic grace of being humans.  How humankind can go to the depths of its animalistic tendencies and try to wipe out every other culture to assert its own animalistic supremacy.

If Hitler were to hit Jerusalem and erect his own monument instead and had Christian hymns be recited there , would it be a source of indignation for the entire humanity or something to cherish?  Demonic packaged in any bottle doesn’t change its basic property.  Babri Masjid was no different than what could have been a “Hitlerian Church”.  If the latter is an oxymoron, so is the former.  If former could be sacred, then so could be latter.

That Babri Masjid’s existence did not violate sensibilities of normal people is a pointer to the hypocrisy and prejudiced intellect.

Babri Masjid was the monument of a Barbarian’s impunity and challenge to the humanity in all of us.  No matter what one called it, there was nothing more to it.

Bringing down of Babri Masjid was the breaking of dam of frustration of a people to give way to violence.  Ignoring the frustration of any people is bound to find its articulation in some way.  It is always better to not insult the basic humanity and patience of any people.  It would have been better if such violence was never resorted to, but that it occurred points to a grievance that was ignored and emotions played with!

Using of minorities as vote banks and tendency of minorities to  acquiesce to that and go along with it to get favors has its ramifications.  It violates the very raison d’etre of democracy.  Such attempts try to upstage a larger sentiment by a few so they can hold everyone hostage.

Every one needs their space and expression, but it shouldn’t mean that one community bears the burden for all.  The sermons to the majority for sacrifice and bearing the burden of peace have to cease – because its the joint responsibility of everyone.