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Nine serial blasts took place in Bangalore (Bengaluru). Two people have died and 6 got injured. The blasts reportedly took place within about 12 minutes at around 1-30 pm, that is after the Friday’s mid-day namaz in the local mosques.

The blasts took place in two intervals of one hour each. The first seven blasts took place between 1.30-2.30 pm, the eighth blast blast took place at Hosaguddahalli, near Gopalan Mall, on Mysore road at around 5.30 pm and the ninth blast took place near the Army Engineering College on Mysore Road at 6.30 pm.

Police say that Ammonia Nitrate and Urea was used.

Strangely, the blasts weren’t designed to kill. They weren’t in areas where foreigners lived or worked or major tourist attractions. Why? Were these blasts to give a warning to the Intelligence forces and the Government with a message – “We can do whatever whenever we like!”?? It was an act of audacity as opposed to an act of mayhem (as it very well could have been!). But make no mistake – it was an act of terrorism.

Now, the way these blasts were done and triggered – two culprits emerge: Al Ummah and SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India). SIMI has been active for a long time. Despite being in the cross-hairs of Indian intelligence, somehow they kept getting empathy and support of the leftist/activist group on account of being “students”. There was no reason for such empathy or feeling of “comrade-ship” but then one has learned to discount the masochistic and utterly idiotic mind-set of the Leftists in India!

So now where does that take us next? Quite obviously, the IT industry and progress of India is a problem to someone in this world. And this has been perplexing to me a bit. Most of the time the discourse in the Islamic world is negative – how others should be stopped not how they should build their ownselves to be the best! The actions that most of these terrorist groups look at implementing is about hitting at others.. specially where they are the best because “we are being discriminated against”. Well, how about beating the others in progress for a change?? Israel, for example, has had the roughest of neighborhoods and a very bad hand of cards to deal with in many respects – but does it let all that affect its progress? No! It is one of the most technically advanced place. The innovations from that country are mind-boggling!!

Anyways, its a long story and not going to end soon.

Meanwhile, Indian Home Minister, Shivraj Patil has proposed to extend the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) to provide security to the IT sector. For this the Government is willing to change the law as well. Good start. But a lot is needed. Specially in relation to handling the minorities and their education. If we cannot take the control of Muslim youth’s education out of the hands of Madrasas like Deoband and provide a useful alternative which can help them succeed, then we will forever make them slaves to the Jehadi Jokers.

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