Beautiful and Wonderful MÉXICO! (Part I)

Last updated on Aug 7, 2008

Posted on Aug 7, 2008

Early this morning, after praying and meditating, I went for my long walk at a nearby park. The previous night I had come out with the title of my next article. “OUR PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT AND OUR ENDOCRINE SYSTEM” While I was walking I was developing several components about the mentioned article. By this way I seek for the proper framework, examples, analogies, facts, comparisons, people’s opinions, symbols, etc .I was deeply immerse in these thoughts, when without warning an impetuous inner message burst out with such great force that it materialized right in front of my walking, so I couldn’t avoid running into this message. This front and hard collision made me think immediately in writing some introductory articles about many unknown aspects about the country I was born in, and about some mystical experiences had by me.

If you can understand, appreciate and enjoy our extensive cultural background you will given the first technique to understand other interesting foreign places. So I’m gladly forced to give you two useful techniques studied and applied in the lessons contained in the APPLIKOM PROJECT. Here I’ll supply you with the three steps of the first technique.


We will learn how to listen to our four kingdoms; mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms. These four kingdoms have always had speech. They have never been silent! Everything has always been recorded somewhere near our planet. So, we’ll start by invoking the millennium from the birth of Jesus Christ and the year 1,000 A.D in México. Tell yourself the following affirmation:  “My mind is able to absorb sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings and much more by tuning in my wide psychic band receiver” (three times)


Repeat as clear and as loud as possible the words in quotation marks, trying to give them a Spanish intonation, please don’t use the English Language one.

“México!   …….   México!   ……  México!”

“ Mágico!  …….    Mágico!   …… Mágico!”



Go, and sit in a quite dark place. Close your eyes and sharpen all your senses. Be like a reliable short wave receiver by tuning in sights, smells, feelings, touching, tasting, sounds, symbols, planets, temples, pyramids, weapons, kitchen utensils, cooking objects, domestic animals, dangerous animals, births, funerals, burial places, private rituals, public ceremonies, children families, warriors, ornaments, clothing, garments,  medicine men, shamans, eclipses, natural disasters, whatever sensation comes to your mind. ASK POLITELY TO YOUR MEMORY TO BE ABLE TO RECALL MOST OF YOUR IMPRESSIONS. Then write them down.

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