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Positive people have to use the correct approaches to make their lives more interesting and succeeding in the attempt. What kind of actions should we carry on to obtain positive results in this endeavor? Let’s start using one of the many ideas that Benjamin Franklin used, to constantly improve him. Nowadays with our present technology will be much easier to get excellent results. We must create a weekly chart containing four bad habits to be eliminated and four good habits to be greatly reinforced. Here, the big difference will be that our first day to start our week has to be the day of the day on which we were born. So, our seventh day will be the day before the day of the week on which we were born. It is common that during a week there is a moon phase, please circle it, later on I’ll give you more details. Remember old ancient civilizations used the moon phases to obtain good results on many topics.

Be 100% honest and write down your four main bad habits you really desire to eliminate forever in your life. Create seven boxes, so you will check them every night before going to bed. Leave an empty box to be used to write down the number of successful attempts gotten during this specific week. At the end of the month you will count the total of good points regarding this action. Please don’t permit to be discouraged in case at first you don’t succeed. Remember that the elimination of our bad habits it’s really one of the hardest things in our lives, but step by step you will eventually surely succeed.

You will also write down on this chart four main good habits you desire to be greatly improved. Apparently dealing with the improvement of our good habits is an easy task, but beware, it isn’t. Experience has taught me that sometimes it is more difficult than dealing with the elimination of our bad habits. Here, we must be extra careful. Every day we have to do our best to make much better this positive habit, it is really difficult to measure correctly the advancement regarding this action.

Once you’ve made this a habit a very reliable growing framework will be solidly created in your interesting and productive lives. One of the great advantages we will posses is going to be an easier access to Divine Inspiration.

As I always finish these articles: That all Cosmic Blessing descend upon you and your love ones!