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Bhutto's Security was in hands of Osama and Taliban's Handling officer!

Divide Pakistan: To Eliminate Terrorism

How tough it is in Pakistan is not for ordinary observer to understand and appreciate. The incident at Benazir Bhutto’s return where almost 140 people got killed is a reminder of the mess that is in Pakistan. Here is the scenario:

Omar Sheikh was used by the then ISI chief to send USD 100k to Mohammad Atta. Daniel Pearl was in Pakistan investigating a lot of things – including this probably. He was killed by Omar Sheikh and company. On the other hand Ejaz Shah was the handling officer for Mulah Omar and Osama Bin Laden from ISI. Omar Sheikh gave himself in to Ejaz Shah – when according to the world… Paki Army / Police had arrested Omar Sheikh! Now, here is the rub… when Benazir Bhutto returns back home…. who is charge of her security? Ejaz Shah!!

And people were surprised that there were blasts? Its a miracle she wasn’t killed! So, Shah for once has failed in his “mission”! He serves Musharraf “despite” his jehadi roots dearly! So, that should tell one of the leanings – intrinsically at least – of Musharraf! The next few months would be interesting in Pakistan. I expect a turmoil of gigantic proportions!

According to these sources, the suicide bomber or bombers managed to penetrate the security cordon of the police and IB officers without being frisked, but could not penetrate the inner cordon of security guards of the PPP. When stopped, they blew themselves up at a distance from her vehicle. At the time of the explosion, she had gone inside the vehicle to rest for a while. This seems to have contributed to her miraculous escape. Had she been standing on top she might have been injured, if not killed.
There are many elements in Pakistan, and in Karachi itself, which are opposed to her and are determined to prevent her return to power. These include the various jihadi terrorist groups, Al Qaeda and its allies, those involved in the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl and the supporters of Dawood Ibrahim, the Indian mafia leader who has been given shelter in Karachi by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. The anger against her is due to various reasons — the fact that she is a woman, her close proximity to the US and her open statements supporting the US on various issues. They see her as the US cat’s paw. It is difficult to say at present who might have been responsible for the attack on her.
Brig Ejaz Shah has been strongly criticised by Benazir and her supporters for the security failure and they have demanded his removal and arrest. When he was in the ISI, he used to be the handling officer of Osama bin Laden and Mulla Omar, the amir of the Taliban. After Musharraf seized power in October 1999, he had Shah posted as the home secretary of Punjab. It was to him that Omar Sheikh, who orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, surrendered because Omar Sheikh knew him before and was confident that Ejaz Shah would see that he was not tortured.
After Pearl’s murder, there were many allegations regarding Shah’s role. Musharraf tried to protect him by sending him as the ambassador to Australia or Indonesia. Both the countries reportedly refused to accept him. Musharraf then made him the DG of IB and he saw to it that the death sentence against Omar Sheikh for his role in the Pearl case was not executed. The courts have been repeatedly postponing hearings on the appeal filed by Omar Sheikh against the death sentence.

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