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Can we gift change the world : The 7 day Gifting challenge

A few months back  I was going through the most difficulty period in my life. I was struggling with loss, sense of insecurity, life and death and just not sure of what is going to happen to me. The more I thought the more I was getting sucked in and not able to move.

And then one day I was reading a spiritual text which talked about the power of giving things to others to heal as long as we make meaningful gifts and think about others before making those gifts. The idea was that if for some time in a day we do not think about our problems and desires but think about others and what they like then in some spiritual way it has a positive effect on you. I’m not a very spiritual person but I decided to try it anyways.

So decided to start giving gifts to other people and just to add some twist I decided to do it non-stop for 21 Days. I  really enjoyed the experience. Atleast for 21 days I almost forgot about my life problems as my days were consumed in giving gifts and writing about it on a blog .

A lot of people completemented me on my 21 days journey and wanted to try it but somehow the 21 day thing scared them off. And my friends told me to work on this idea to make it popular and see if other people can also benefit from giving meaningful gifts to others.

So this is how the  ” 7 Day Gifting challeng was born” The idea was to ask people to give one gift each day for 7 days. They can  gift to a friend or a complete stranger. They have to put a little thought to each of the gifts that they make.That is very important because it is the thinking part about others that will take away focus from them and that is bliss.

My personal challenge is get 100 people try this and share their experiences. And if I can get 100 people doing this then I will seriously think about taking this to the next level.

I know what you are going to say.., targets… making things popular are all words… I know but this is how I work or atleast this is how I learned to operate in this world.

So if I have not bored you all if this .. would you like to start your personal gifting challenge… Please do at