Changing US-Pak relationship

Last updated on Jan 27, 2009

Posted on Jan 27, 2009

Pakistanis in the US are worried about the Indian “influence” and so they want to counter it.  They think that Obama’s thinking and actions on Pakistan are based on what Indian Americans tell him.  Strange for a guy who has lived in Pakistan and not in India!

The newly formed Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA) is the new lobbying group formed by the Pakistanis.  Their grievance: that Indians have been lobbying and putting pressure on the US administration.  Interesting isn’t it?  One lobbyist abusing another lobbyist because that other guy is… well.. a lobbyist!  That is about the strongest argument this group has against the Indians as of now.[1]
Meanwhile, Obama is preparing to be tough against the Pakistanis.  His administration has already done some bombings in the tribal region using drones (and ostensibly using drones sent via Afghanistan).  This may be a big changing event for Pakistan going forward.[2]

And in its aim to instill some accountability in their relationship with Pakistan, US has deducted $55 million out of the $156 million bill sent by Pakistan as the cost of rendering services in fight against Taliban in tribal areas.[3]  Obama has said before as well that the money given to Pakistan is used by that country to prepare for war against India – a scenario he vowed to arrest.

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3. US cuts Pakistan’s aid for fighting terrorism

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