Creativity: Our Divine heritage.


 Creativity is when the paranormal becomes normal. God in His infinite wisdom planted in each us, His Beloved children a powerful creativity seed. In each of us this seed will become a very beautiful tree. Like on His creation, this planet, there are many different kinds of trees, the same principle applies to us, His children where there are an infinite number of useful trees.Some of these trees will be used due to the excellent timber qualities, other will bear delicious fruits, the branches of many trees will be used, the tree tops, like our traditional Christmas trees, there are also the roots of some trees, not to mention the herbal medicines extracted from their leaves. Grass, shrubs and trees, especially their leaves help release the so much needed oxygen. As man needs Nature; Nature needs man. Unfortunately we’ve forgotten this fact. So what do I think we human beings lack regarding being more creative on a daily basis? As the Doctor Rollo May expressed in one of his books, we lack the courage to create.

To me, is like we all were at a time super human beings possessing a lot of physical, mental and spiritual powers, but due to our self-imposed amnesia we are living a very mediocre life according to Divine standards. We do need God’s hard shake up in order to fully wake up and claim our inheritance, the Divine inheritance in manifesting all our creative powers not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of all beautiful mankind. We don’t need to create creativity because we all already posses it, we just need to let it be.

Ezequiel’s primary Intent is:
“The gradual and steady manifestation, with God’s help, of all skills, attributes and talents of our soul personalities for God’s glorification”

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