Ausissies… Grow up you aging tantrum throwing kids!

Last updated on Mar 9, 2008

Posted on Mar 9, 2008

“We believe it is possible to make intelligent, thoughtful and even provocative public comment without descending to personal abuse.”

Is what the Chief Executive of Cricket Australia (CA) says in a letter to the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India) on remarks by Harbhajan Singh when he called Hayden a liar and said Gilchrist was “no saint”.

REALLY, Mr Sutherland?  Isn’t Hayden the same guy who called Harbhajan an “Obnoxious little weed” and a “Mad Boy”?? (The Age .  Times of India) Liar vs Weed?

Is there a comparison?  And seriously, if you cannot take what you give in the neighborhood where you were the original bullies (and continue to be so), then just export some bangles from India, go home and play some video games!  It will do you all Aussies some collective good!  You are sissiest bunch of wannabe bullies I have seen in my life!  You can’t win in cricket without cheating anymore.. at least be honorable bullies, will you??

Just admit that Australia has been burnt and defeated well and truly in the One Day series after you used the umpires, racist Match refrees, and just plain downright abuse through media/crowd/players to squeeze in the Test Cricket.  Alas, the ODIs were too short a time to do that!

I can understand that someone has the passion to win and be number one.. but being number one in the World Cricket is not a toy that you can keep throwing tantrums for.  Be men.. and compete.  If you win, great.  If you dont, too bad.  Just take your bruises and find your local doc.  Stop making a scene and push things beyond a limit.

And, its time you get used to the losses.  Your over 30 team is glory of the past.  The future will need a little more than connivance, cheating and downright abuses!

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