Daily Wisdom #1: Importance of Time!

Last updated on Feb 27, 2009

Posted on Feb 27, 2009

Success comes to the one who understands the importance of time.


When we are working at a task, success doesn’t come as much as it should because we have not been able to recognise the importance of time. Because of this sometimes carelessness sets in which makes us lose valuable time and interferes in what we are doing. Then we cannot give our best to the task.


We need to recognise the importance of time so that we never postpone what we can do now. We will then always have the slogan ‘now or never’ in our mind. Knowing that what we can do now, we cannot do it as well in the future, we’ll give our best to all we do right now. This will enable us to use our time in a fruitful way and success will come very easily to us.

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