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A Day after 64th Independence Day, its British Rule all over again in India!

Many generations have passed but characters like Jaichand and Mir Jaffar have never been pardoned for what they did.  Tyrannical rules and great human tragedies are a result of a process but they pivot on very few incidents.  Like World War I was triggered by the death of Archbishop Ferdinand.  If the masses do not realize the gravity of an event with monumental proportions, then they are doomed into slavery for centuries.

Arrest of Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal is one such event.  Ironically a day after the 64th Independence Day, a repeat of tyranny British style is being witnessed in New Delhi.  Congress drenched in the loot and drunk in the power from that money has unleashed campaign after campaign that will tear the country apart.

Baba Ramdev, for all his faults, was treated in the most ghastly manner.  Yet, nothing happened.  Now Anna Hazare and his friends – Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal – have also been arrested under Section 144.  The same section that was invoked against Lala Lajpat Rai when he was beaten with those lathis.  A section that was rarely invoked against Gandhi even at the height of his movements by the British has now been unleashed in “Free India” on Anna Hazare and his friends.

Shame on us.

If the movement fizzles out, then the coming generations will never pardon us.  For, the country’s complete destruction is assured.  A power that is worried of a 74 year old man’s hunger strike and can arrest him can go to any lengths.

Shame on Manmohan Singh.

I have never addressed him as that but as Dr. Singh out of respect.  No more.  He deserves NO respect and no concession.  He should pay for his deeds and crimes as much as Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and Sonia Gandhi should.

Time has come to take the battle for wresting the power of the nation back by the people themselves.

BJP is currently the only alternative politically, but a very poor one.  They have done nothing to deserve being in power after Congress.  A new dispensation has to emerge.  With a new outlook and perspective.  Let someone like Kiran Bedi lead it or Arvind Kejriwal lead it.  Whoever it is, let that person think only of India.  No one else.

And this time, let the Ghaznis and Jaichands not be let off.  They should be punished appropriately and quickly.  And let a new dawn arise.  Out of power of an old man, let the young India take shape.

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