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Doesn't anybody in Pakistan just "get it"??

Day after day it seems more and more obvious that Pakistani Government just doesn’t “get it”!  Mumbai Attacks were not just ANOTHER bomb attack.. it was an act of war and you don’t get away with it so easily.  Someone has got to pay for that.  And as the evidence piles up, it seems obvious that (a) it is not the “Non state actors” but the groups within the Pakistani Government who are responsible (b) Those criminals and terrorists are not only not being arrested and eliminated, but being harbored and saved by the Government.

Now, after all this, Pakistani Government has the gumption to suggest to the Indian Government that it will be “irresponsible” to speculate on the Mumbai attacks before the results of the probe come out. [1]  Hello!  Which “Probe” is this?  Probe is not some kind of an arbitrary examination that will end one day and some Pakistani official will come out with a list of results… but its the result of various evidencde that the different agencies are gathering.

Just as an example, FBI interrogated Kasab for 9 hours and confirmed lanes and by lanes of the area he was born and brought up – Ukkad area of Faridkot district.[2]

In fact the anger in India is so much that even as Trident – a luxury hotel – opened up, its President made it clear that the hotel will henceforth bar Pakistani Nationals from the hotel.[3]

“Even you must have heard that government of India has made it clear that no Pakistani arrival should be allowed (in hotels),” Trident hotel’s President Rattan Keswani told reporters in Mumbai.

The hotel says it will be careful about the identification of individual and from where the person comes.  This is unprecedented.  I am not saying it is right or wrong – but then it is a response of a set of people who are sad and mourning.  They have been hurt – by criminals and terrorists obviously… but now, more profoundly by ordinary Pakistanis and the Government when they so blatantly and openly act in a completely mischievious manner by bring out all sorts of excuses and controversies!  Just that brings out the complicity of EVERY citizen who goes around throwing such stuff out.  It is no longer a path to “peaceful solutions” just like that…. it will be paved with actions on the Jehadists and the Terror Masters cabal in Pakistan comprising ISI/Taliban/Al Qaeda/Army combine!

That is why US has now told Pakistan clearly that it is not useful to “sweep” Mumbai under the “carpet”.[4]  It is obvious that with all sorts of nonsensical and juvenile stories like –

– Foreign Ministry’s call to Zardari to inform him of a “secret attack” and
– then the flip flops about Kasab including a complete fantasy tale of Kasab being arrested in Nepal when that government has been denying all along that such a thing ever happened..

.. that Pakistani establishment is trying its juvenile best to some how deflect the oncoming storm.

That is why, in a stepped up pressure, India held a meeting between the Defense Minister, PM and the Chiefs of the Defense forces and Pranab Mukherjee brought the “Military option” back into the game! [5]

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