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Even God cannot save India – Supreme Court of India

I have long maintained that India’s democracy and the little respect that we have left in ourselves is largely the work of Supreme Court.  The Apex Court of India has done amazing service in maintaining the integrity of the country.  Otherwise, the politicians had left no stone unturned to completely mess the country up!

Many of these idiots have been occupying the top properties in Delhi even though they are no longer MPs or in the Government.  But the Government of today has not done anything to vacate those properties.  Just as any one who doesn’t vacate someone else’s house is tried with CRIMINAL charges – these TRESSPASSERS (which is what they are) should be tried with criminal charges.  Be clear that this property is NOT the property of the person who stays in it.. or even the Government.. but it belongs to every citizen.. its upkeep is paid for by the tax-payers of the country!

But the present law is not good enough to do that.  And so many messages from the top court has fallen on deaf ears!

Frustrated with the refusal of the Government – to even put up a pretense of work it is supposed to do in the first place i.e.; to bring GOVERN the country; the Supreme Court of India has been forced to say that “Even God cannot save this country”!

“We are fed up with this government,” the apex court said, adding “They don’t have the guts to differ with the opinion of the clerks.”
“Even God will not be able to save this country. In India even if God comes down he cannot change our country. Our country’s character has gone. We are helpless,” a bench of Justices B N Aggrawal and G S Singhvi observed.

Isn’t it sad that the legislature and the executive that are supposed to bring the adequate laws into place and execute them, is simply REFUSING to do that because it wants to criminally act .. and do so with complete impunity.  It is a shame for us Indians that our Government is OPENLY and DEMONSTRATIVELY CRIMINAL!!