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Ex-Swiss Bank Employee, Rudolf Elmer accuses Indian Govt of not doing anything in Black Money


Rudolph Elmer is an ex-employee of the Julius Bar Bank in Switzerland.  In January, he handed over a the names of 2000 tax evaders to Wikileaks.  In his last position he was overseeing the Caribbean operations until he was dismissed in 2002.  He became a whistle blower in 2008 when he handed over secret documents to Wikileaks.

As per Elmer, there are many Indians – including filmstars and cricketers who are evading taxes.  However, he asserts that Indian Government is not doing enough.

“The government is not committed. I think society has to put pressure on the Indian government to act. India is a big country, which is getting stronger by the day. It has the negotiating power” (Headline News)

He isn’t giving names just yet, but will eventually.

We have seen many claims and even documents sent to the Government with the names by many agencies/people of those whose money is stashed outside.  Until now, there has been no arrests or action.  The reason is pretty simple – the highest of the land are involved.