"Fact" and "Truth": Confusions of the Spiritual Journey

Last updated on Jul 6, 2009

Posted on Jul 6, 2009

One of the biggest confusion in Spiritual journey is of a Fact and Truth – or, in Hindi, Tathya and Satya.

Mostly, what are decidedly “facts” are peddled and assumed to be “Truths”.  Then there is a fight over these “Truths”, which were never so to begin with.

Truth is reality – the inviolable.  There is no two’s in that.  There is only One “version” and one existence of that “reality”.

In Hindi, Truth has a synonym – Yatharth, meaning “That, what is”.

If you look closely, only the moment (microsecond) of NOW, fits that definition.  This moment, that you are experiencing is One, “That is”, Real, Actual, Inviolable, Unavoidable, and Unchangeable.  Not your experience of the moment, mind you.  But, THE MOMENT.

Once you “experience” the moment with all your baggage, you have given it a color.  Then that moment resides in history of your mind IN THAT COLOR.  You have your color.  Someone else who witnessed and experienced that moment with you, has her/his own color.  What resides as past is colored.  Tainted.  That is never going to come back nor be experienced again.  For the moment that you colored and let go, left a small speck of color of its own in your baggage, which will add another color to that moment IF it were to return back.

That moment you left in the past is called “Fact”.  Fact, as in it happened.  That it happened is not in question.  But is that a reality?  Of course not.  Reality is that which is REAL.  Not that has been “editorialized” by the baggage of your past.

“Facts” thus are the product of earlier “Facts”.  There is no “reality” or originality to them.

What has not happened – the Future – is just a conjecture.  Past is a “Fact” – colored as it is.  Present.. the Now..(the Moment, not its experience) is the only Reality.  The only “That, What is”.. the Yatharth!

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