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Foreign Inflows to India: Are Indian NGOs today’s Jaichands?

India has a large network of NGOs.  While a lot of good work is undertaken by the Indian NGOs, they are also fraught with issues.  Given my experience and interaction as well as observation, I would say that not only is the NGO sector inefficient and selective but also against any kind of monitoring from outside.  Why do I say that?

Well, as per a report from the Home Ministry of India, a total of Rs 10,337 crores was received by Indian NGOs from abroad.  Now, Indian Government gives money to NGOs via CAPART, which is the largest donor organization.  A lot of the foreign based Donor Agencies are into religion based work or at least have a covert mission which is based on that motivation.  The first question that comes to ones mind is: With roughly over $2 billion flowing into India every year, [#1] why is there no change, specially in the areas the money is supposed to be used in?  $2 billion is a huge amount flowing in every year.

Some of the figures are interesting and if they are looked at in detail, may reveal a picture that may be disturbing.  A lot of money is coming from the Western Countries, but money is also coming in from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Nepal.  In fact, Nepal sends in $12 crores!!  I cannot believe that Nepalese do so much of development work in India.  Although, I do know (and it is a fact) that Nepal is a base for ISI – Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency.  [#2] So, who is really sending the money in from Nepal is a relevant question to ask?

Further, India is investing in Afghanistan for their development that is understandable.  [#3] Who the heck in Afghanistan is investing in Indian NGOs to the tune of Rs 2 crores???

Then look at another chart of where the money is flowing to.  What it shows are the top areas, including something as vague as “Rural Development”.  What is done in that area is not known much though.  Besides, which Schools and Colleges are being constructed in India by these NGOs?  I had thought that outside agencies couldn’t control a majority stake in Indian educational institutions. [#4] Is it that these schools and colleges are being set up by religious bodies from outside?

However, what the news reports says further is even more interesting.  Besides these areas, the inflow is also taking place in and for what clearly are Conversion activities.  [#5] So, why are we letting outside agencies – anywhere from US, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Italy (Vatican??) invest in changing the demography of our land? When we look at the statement below, we can get part of the answer to Question #4.

Religious schools and Education of the Priests and Preachers.
Besides rural development, child welfare, environmental programmes and AIDS awareness, foreign funds are also being used for setting up religious schools, education of priests/preachers, religious functions and publication/distribution of religious literature among other activities.

The overall important question to ask is – In the guise of foreign charity to Indian Non-Governmental Sector, are we letting the foreign powers that be, dictate and manage the change in India’s Demography?

What is the danger in this?

Look at Pakistan of today.  A lot of discourse and terrorism that goes in Pakistan today is a direct result of the investment by the Wahabi investors in Saudi Arabia.  They had a clear agenda and a clear purpose which was pan-Islamic.  For an ordinary Pakistani, this was perfect.  Muslim-Muslim bhai bhai.  Right?  Well, it didn’t work that way.  Now, that country has two distinct groups: One who have Pan-Islamic goals, Pakistan’s good be damned.  Two, Pakistan good is upper most, although Islam cannot be let behind.  If Pakistan is suffering today, it is because the second group is a silent and easy backer of the first in their goals, although the goals and the actions of the first group DIRECTLY hit at the main goal of the latter.  There is NO way, those interested in Pakistan FIRST and FOREMOST can succeed until they completely abandon ALL Islamic baggage and sympathy.  That is impossible.

Anyhow, the most important lesson for India is that

Religious money, however sympathy arousing that may be, exacts its pound of flesh. And that payment is usually DIRECTLY and DAMNINGLY against the national interest of the recipient.

The investors in this case are as driven and as die hard as Saudi Wahabi Brigade.  It is the Pat Robertsons and Billy Grahams of the US (for detailed expose, read Preparing for the harvest).  They want to control the future of US to make it comply by their version of Christianity.  They won’t let a cheap opportunity of dictating the national agenda of India comply with Church’s diktat either.  Specially, when the citizenry of India is so dumb and so apathetic to its future!