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Well.. do you see how the right wingers and those aligned to the Oil and large companies keep talking against the global warming.. in an ostrich-like approach with the hope that things will go away if we dont talk about it.  The same section also keeps arguing that the current strange weather that we see (Snow so late in mid-US, no/little snow in Switzerland, floods, droughts in east and west coasts, floods in UK etc) are nothing unusual!  Well the semantic magic does not help much!  Now here is UN coming out with yet another thought provoking news – the global land surface temperatures between Jan and April this year were HIGHEST EVER!!  Well until next year maybe?

Many parts of the world have experienced record extreme weather conditions, including unusual floods, heat waves, storms and cold snaps since the beginning of the year, the United Nation’s weather agency said Tuesday.
Preliminary observations also indicated that global land surface temperatures in January and April reached the highest levels ever recorded for those months, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in a statement.
The WMO said global land temperatures were likely to have been 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average in January and 3 degrees above average in April.

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