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Gujarat has highest number of Muslim Cops per police station amongst all Indian States

All the Modi baiters have a problem.  They have been promoting the story that Gujarat’s administrative machinery is heavily weighed against the Muslims, and so – the Muslims are scared and not safe in that state.  Is that really so?

Well, in answer to an RTI filed by Times of India, the Government of India has confirmed that Gujarat has highest number of Police officers in the Police stations amongst all the Indian States.

The data, shared by the home ministry in response to an RTI query filed by TOI, shows that 10.6% of Gujarat’s cops posted in police stations are Muslims. This is higher than the proportion of Muslims in the state’s population, which is 9.1% (2001 census).
The state has 5,021 cops from the community out of a total of 47,424 in its 501 police stations. On an average, Gujarat has 10 Muslim cops per police station — higher than any other state which shared data with the Centre.

Even states with higher proportion of Muslims doesn’t have enough cops in their police stations.

So, bhaiya Nitish Kumar ji and Mulayam Singh ji.. first get your “Secularist” act together.. and then start commenting on who is a “Secular” candidate and who isn’t.