Guru is not a Person, but a Quality

Last updated on Oct 5, 2010

Posted on Oct 5, 2010

Guru is not a person or an authority.  Guru is a quality of the Eternal.  That quality manifests in various ways in different places for various reasons.  When a leader leads the nation, or a school teacher holds a class, the Inherent quality of this existence called “Guru” manifests itself.

How this quality manifests itself is based on what our longing is.  If my longing is for learning mathematics, somehow .. someway… I will find someone to lead me on to the way.  If your longing is for liberation, then the Guru will manifest who will be able to “decode” you.  You may be completely different from the other guy whom your Guru has taken on, but your “code” will be handled by this manifestation.

Mostly however, the manifestation may not happen to take you to the final point but to the next step.  A Guru may be the roadsign, but your own longing is the engine and the vehicle taking you through the spiritual path.  Even when one gets a Guru, it is not that one has to simply just follow him/her.  Love for your Guru is one thing, following his/her instructions is one thing, but walking every moment on your own keeping an open mind is another.  No enlightened Guru has ever reprimanded a student for asking questions.  For grilling incessantly to reach the next level.  Only those who pretend to be one are perturbed by questioning people.

In the large, infinite vastness of Non-duality, the Guru and the student are the two qualities of that eternal infinite.  Truly speaking, the Guru represents the quality of Intelligence in the existence; while the Student represents the Entropy or Expansion.  Until the expanse is less than infinite, the being manifested as “Student” will be beckoned by the inherent intelligence in the existence to its full potential.

Seeking is not a static state.  It cannot be.  It is a very dynamic state to be in.  If you stay static, no amount of Cosmic intelligence can help you.  For the Cosmic Intelligence only leads to Expansion of Cosmos to the point of Infinite.  You can take a second to reach there or many millions of light years.

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