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How the Attacks were planned and executed (#mumbai)

Ok, now the Union Government is getting some information.  And it is going to do the same thing.. keep debating along with the Human Rights lobby and the others on how this was an attack motivated by religion, Babri Masjid, Shivaji, Rana Pratap or whoever.. You know we are idiots if we don’t get it straight!  I don’t want to call it a terrorist attack because that diminishes its seriousness.  No terrorist organization can do what was done here.

Terrorists who struck Mumbai had set up advance “Control Rooms” in the luxury Taj and Trident Oberoi hotels which was also targeted and did prior reconnaisance executing plans worked “over months”, Union Cabinet minister Kapil Sibal said on Thursday night.
Sibal said the unprecedented terror attack in the country’s financial capital was planned “over months” and the terrorists were not carrying AK-47 rifles but sophisticated weapons like MP-6.
“The terrorists have identified the targets earlier. Somebody had told them earlier. Enormous planning went into the incident. The terrorists were dropped by a mother ship and travelled in rubber boats which they docked (at Mumbai),” Sibal said.
Terrorists were not attacking people at random. It was a well though out plan, Sibal said.
They had targeted certain key police officers even when they were wearing vests and protective head gears, he said, adding the terrorists shot them dead within minutes of their arrival.