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How a Muslim-turned-Hindu was tortured in Malaysia!

This is a rather bizarre case.  A girl in Malaysia born to ethnic Indian Muslim parents was named Siti Fatimah.  She was registered as a Muslim.  However, she was raised by her grandmother as a Hindu!  In 2001, her name was changed to Revathi Masoosai.  In 2004, she married Suresh Veerapan (ostensibly no relation of the famous guy who loved Sandalwood trees in India) with Hindu religious rites.

They had a daughter.

This all happened in Malaysia – supposedly a progressive Islamic state.  So, what do the authorities do?  They first of all put her into a school, which is no more than a jail.  And then forcibly take away her daughter and give her to Revathi’s Muslim mother to be raised a Muslim!

In Islam, peaceful and utterly "respectful" of other "prophets" and religions as it is, no one born a Muslim can follow any other religion or way of life.. or in plain-speak "convert" to other religion.  Hypocritically though, conversion TO Islam is tantamount to a place in Heaven (the Islamic version of course).

After her Jail-term, Revathi said officials at the center tried to make her pray as a Muslim, wear a head scarf and eat beef – basically she was tortured for her beliefs. (If making Muslim prisoners eat pork or have sex in Abu Gharaib is "torture" then this should qualify as torture as well!!) Well that did not help the authorities much.  It instead had the opposite effect!

"Because of their behavior, I loathe Islam even more now," she told reporters. "They say it’s a school, but it’s actually a prison."

I am no fan of any conversion, but I am no fan of any religion either.  I believe that religions have messed humans up!  Instead, people should be free to evaluate all possible philosophies and try to get to the "Core Truth" through personal investigation.  But Islam and Christianity have been at best Tribal in their outlook towards "growth".  The main proponents over the years – Pope to Mullahs (and indeed Mohammad himself) – have believed in increasing the tribe in order to get the epithet of being the "Largest Religion" … and thereforee, by a screwed up logic – the "Greatest" Religion.

Well, this is what has brought the world to where we are and will keep on taking the world to more polarisation and strife.  Millions have been killed in Africa, Asia, Europe due to fight over religion and almost 90-95% religious wars were instigated by either over-zealous Christians or Muslims to have a greater tribe.

Unless people learn to live by looking INSIDE themselves as opposed to OUTSIDE this kind of nonsense will keep on growing forever.

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