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Idiagram: Solving complex business problems through visual models


Saw a real cool site for business strategy and problem formulation, way to analyze, communicate and execute.  Somehow I felt it made the entire thing a bit too complex!  But nevertheless it looks rather cool.. just check out Idiagram.

Here is the official word on what their visualizations achieve:

The Power of Integration
There are dozens of approaches to strategic planning and ‘complex problem solving’, so why do we focus on the use of pictures? What makes pictures – visual models, diagrams, metaphors, and stories – uniquely suited to helping us understand and communicate complex issues? The short answer is that visual models provide the power of integration:
1 ) Visual models are a tool for integrating knowledge.
Visual models enable us to step back and see the often praised, seldom realized, ‘big-picture’. The big-picture allows us to see all the elements of the problem and the critical relationships and interdependencies. This comprehensive and integrated view of the problem can help us wrap our minds around complex issues and can reveal critical missing pieces (of the kind that can be so painfully obvious in hindsight). By creating a tangible visual model of the problem we can bring together diverse perspectives and think through complex problems in a way we simply can’t using words alone.
2 ) Visual models are a tool for integrating people into effective teams.
Effective teams are built on shared vision; a vision that engages the understanding and commitment of all involved. We can help you build that shared vision by working with your team to integrate their ideas into a coherent picture. We can then use that picture as a tool for connecting ideas to action by communicating the vision to the people who must understand and act; building the networks of common understanding and purpose on which real progress is founded.