India – where the Corrupt is the new normal, while Victim who speaks is the new Lunatic

Last updated on Nov 7, 2011

Posted on Nov 7, 2011

“If rape is inevitable, just lay back, relax and enjoy it” – Clayton Williams (Unsuccessful Republican Gubernatorial candidate, 1990)

In a TV interview, a senior IPS police officer charged the UP Government, headed by Mayawati of being corrupt and threatened to expose the corruption and the embezzling of the funds.

Soon after his interview, the Government swooped on him and packed him in to a car and forcibly put him in a mental hospital!

Such a blatant act of abuse of whistle-blowers is mind-boggling.  But why are we really surprised?

Isn’t what is happening to Team Anna by Congress, the same thing?  Isn’t that fact that BJP is complicit in that entire dealing – because they see the same Team impacting them in the future the same thing?

Worse still, the educated and the media is equally involved!  Just because Kiran Bedi probably overcharged for an air-fare, it is now ok to target her instead of Digvijay Singh??  But isn’t that what the media is doing?  Just see how these episodes are being presented!

From Arvind Kejriwal to Anna Hazare to Prashant Bhushan – no one has been spared.  The entire media has played the most horrendous role in creating fissures and ensuring a death for the ONLY credible movement that ever surfaced in free India for an intelligent change!

For our impotence and skepticism – looking for the perfect Saint to take on horribly corrupt Government that we have on our hands – our future generations will never pardon us!

When the corrupt get so blatant, that they can forcibly put a whistle-blower in the mental hospital – then it is a statement on the entire citizenry.  If you think you are abused, then please shut the heck up.  For if you speak out, you will be treated as a lunatic.

And that is a sad situation, where the corrupted have become the new normal.  Those who want change – or speak up against the abuse – are the lunatics.  In their own way, Digvijay and Dr. Singh have been doing the same thing with Team Anna.  Its the same high-handed abuse of them.

On one of my facebook post, I had written when the entire movement of Team Anna was coming to an end – that they shouldn’t stop unless they have completely crushed the corrupt in Congress Government.  Either they crush Congress or the Congress will crush them.  There is no other outcome.  Why?  Because the stakes are so high.

Unfortunately, Team Anna was far more Saintly than they should have been.  And they are being crushed in broad daylight.  While we watch amused.  We have called them everything – “Not a Mahatama”.. “A Circus”.. “unrealistic”… “Corrupt”.. “Egotist”…. “”have political ambitions” – without realizing that given our own impotence and inaction, these Team Anna members were our ONLY hope in a LONG TIME!

In the new India, the Rapists of the mind, body and our rights are the new “Normal”, while the victims who speak up are the new “Lunatics”.

Welcome to the country of 1.4 billion lunatics!

Latest update (11/7/2011):  DD Mishra wants to be discharged from the hospital, but he is being “advised” psychiatric treatment by the Government doctors!    And he has been diagnosed with “bipolar effective disorder” by the PK Dalal, the Medcal University Psychiatry Department Head!

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