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Indus Valley script is on the verge of being de-coded.  Work on it has been in controversy because of overzealous and self-important Western Historians who somehow believe that Indian scientists are less capable of doing the right job on Indian history, because they may be “clouded by their bias”.  Such cloud only comes into the eyes of Indians.. and specifically the Hindus.. no one else.

What is intriguing is that non-Hindu westerners and Communist despots somehow claim more scholarship on Hindu scriptures and rubbish the Hindu scholars.  Such is the level of hypocrisy!

However, this team is one of the best that one can come up with:

A study, a joint effort of Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Chennai’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the University of Washington, was published this week in Proceedings of the Natio-nal Academy of Sciences.
It says there are distinct patterns in the hieroglyphics used by the script, and creates a statistical model for the unknown language.

Reference Links:

Indus script may soon give up its secrets