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Iran is Afghanistan's friend and US' enemy in an Upside down War!

Iran is a friend of Afghanistan against Taliban/Al Qaeda and an enemy of US in a war against Al Qaeda. Go figure!

These two lines explain why US is in such a mess and why this mess would not stop!

The Bush administration considers Iran to be a dangerous influence on its neighbors. But Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, regards Iran as a helper.

Ok, here goes:  Iran is Shia.  Pakistan, Al Qaeda, most Jihadis are Sunnis.  They are classic enemies.  PERIOD!  There is no way in hell that Iran can help Al Qaeda.  If Al Qaeda did the 9-11, then Iran and NOT Pakistan should have been the War ally for US!  As for Pakistan, their Army and Intelligence has too much invested in the Jihadi movement to let it all go.  Despite the fact that the same frankenstein monster has turned on itself (Lal Masjid).  Taliban is Pakistan’s greatest friend.  Taliban’s worst enemy in Afghanistan was Northern Alliance – SHIAS!  Who helped Northern Alliance against Taliban?  Iran!  So, who is Karzai’s friend against Taliban?  Yeah.. easy right? IRAN!  What about Pakistan?  Hmmm.. if you have a modicum of smarts you would have figured that one out!

Bush and his friends have an amazing ability to create enemies out of those who should be their friends!  Unless they know for sure that Oil in Iran and Iraq is finally theirs …. no matter what the cost!

The "War on Terror" has been fought upside down!