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David Rohde was in captivity unless he ran away from Taleban.  His account in NYT is very interesting.  While it shows the human side of some of his captors… it also shows clearly why the Jehadis and the Taleban have made the society what it is today in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Worse is that the way they interpret Quran.  And, honestly, until now people just cite all sorts of verses to show how “peaceful” Islam is, but no one even attempts to engage in explaining the verses which denigrate or curse the Unbelievers.  There are many.  In fact I have not read any verse with reference to Unbeliever that have anything complimentary to say about them.  Either its denigrating or patronizingly evil.  This para from Rohde’s article says it all:

My captors railed against the evils of a secular society. In March, they celebrated a suicide attack in a mosque in Jamrud that killed as many as 50 worshippers as they prayed. Those living under Pakistan’s apostate government, they said, deserved it. One commander declared that no true Muslim could live in a state where Islam was not the official religion. Citing the Taliban’s interpretation of Islam, he said it was every Muslim’s duty to try to stop others from sinning.

I don’t believe that peace is possible in the Islamic world with the baggage of theology that they have and the zero tolerance for revisiting the verses.  Unless any of these things happen, Jehadis will keep coming.  Moderates will be an accident.

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