Kashmir Elections with record turnout and hypocrisy of Pakistan's Kashmir stance!

Last updated on Jan 5, 2009

Posted on Jan 5, 2009

I feel bad when he feels good for the fear of feeling worse when he feels better!

That seems to be the central philosophy of Pakistan, its media and strategists when it comes to Kashmir and Kashmiris.  After a 60% voter turn out [4], Kashmir voted and got a young new Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah.[5]

Omar is a kind of a celebrity already but more importantly, he is in tune with the youth of India.  For example, he loves Paulo Coelho and his Alchemist [3]…  wants to set up a system of outreach so ordinary people can interact with him over emails directly (a la Dr. APJ Kalam, former India President) [2]

Pakistani media has been silent though.. actually reticent about the elections and its outcome completely.  For a set of people, whose heart – ostensibly, we are told – beats for the betterment of Kashmiris and also Democracy in general.. did not find Kashmir’s youths complete rejection of the Jehadi mindset to come out in large numbers to vote something to write about, if not rejoice!

Yes, it was a coalition mandate.. but then that’s the power of democracy.

To be fair and honest, Pakistani democracy, which has no dearth of commentators who keep preaching the “finer points” of democracy to India and Kashmiris.. was not able to even GET a government going in THEIR country after the elections in months after the elections.  Here, the Kashmiris vote, give their verdict and a Chief Minister is sworn in weeks!

Tara Chand Sharma of Congress will be the Deputy CM, and other ministers include: three-time MLA and former JKPCC Chief Peerzadas Mohmmad Sayeed, Taj Mohideen, Nawang Rigzin Jora, Shyam Lal Sharma all Congress, along with NC’s Ali Mohammad Sagar, Mian Altaf, Surjeet Salathia.

Now, coming back to the media which loses no occassion to slam India on Kashmir.  Dawn was the bravest with a 200-odd word report saying there was no clear winner.  The News’ report was even smaller giving a few quotes here and there of Dr. Singh and Sonia Gandhi.  The Nation: NOTHING.[6]

Here is this report that I got from Kashmir Watch – a site with Pakistani sponsorship – which grudgingly acknowledges the success but harks back quickly to the “atrocities” of Indian forces et al.[1]  If some one intelligent and sane.. who ACTUALLY wished well for the PEOPLE and not his own narrow interests was talking, he/she would say that lets help India and start working with the Government to make sure that this is not a “flash in the pan” elections but an opening of bigger and better things to come.

But is that what you hear from the normal Pakistani analyst or intellectual?  NO.  However imperfect the Indian elections and democracy may be, it still is, in my opinion, one of the most robust and strongest in the world.  Atleast it has nothing much to learn from Pakistani system, if at all!

The constructive and positive language in any conflict is of empowerment, even when it is gradual and against all odds.  And that language in terms of Kashmir would be to work to strengthen the institutions of politics and democracy in Kashmir and make sure the youth get away from violence and into areas where they can also earn and make a good living.. not get doles from ISI for “crossing over” and then getting killed while their family members get Rs 1.50 lac for his body.. but ACTUAL prosperity!

There is a story of Birbal, where two women come to him and each claims that a young boy is her son. He tries his best to resolve the conflict but to no avail. Then he says lets execute the kid. One woman says let him go to the other lady. Birbal knows that this lady who is sacrificing her right is the real mother!

The truth is that Pakistanis have never been interested in the WELL BEING of Kashmiris.  All they have been interested in is.. to fight India.  Kashmir was a cheap and useful weapon and Kashmiri youth were a cheap canon fodder.  So, as India took its mis-steps, Pakistani establishment was gleeful.  Who cared for Kashmiris?  CERTAINLY not the Pakistanis!  For if had then such mayhem would have never occured.  Heck they can use their own people as canon fodder if required and then dump them without even access to consular help as in case of Kasab, when even an “enemy” government is all too cooperative and willing to give that Pakistani citizen a hearing in the court!  (btw, Which Indian PoW in Pakistan would EVER get that right??)

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