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This time, please read this article with a wide smile drawn on your face. I have powerful reasons to ask for this small favor. Le’s start then by imagining that there is a Cosmic dictionary where are included all the words uttered by man since the beginning of times. Every language and dialect has been accurately recorded here. It is located in a special section and above this immense dictionary is an archetype containing every word being translated into God’s language. Men’s dictionary contains many words wrongly created, so our task would be to substitute them by other words from God’s Archetype Divine words. How can we succeed in this endeavor? So it would be an excellent idea to first invoking all positive words via the heart of our soul personality into the immense Spiritual realm. Not forgetting that to look for this wonderful kingdom isn’t outwards. It is inwards. Let’s invoke the words DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE LOVE. MY HEART IS FILLED UP WITH DIVINE LOVE.

Now will you please repeat three times the following affirmations feeling every one of them as deeply as you can?

“My smile expresses powerful Divine Love”.

”My body language is highly harmonized with Divine Love, so today it expresses its Spiritual beauty with every body movement”

“My eyes project this amazing Divine Love at everything I look at.

“My heart vibrates with pure joy at the approach of any human being”

“All my psychic centers are immerse in this Divine Love, so they start to expand outside my body in powerful emanations perfumed with the flowers of the Cosmic Garden and THE SUPREME LIGHT, positively affecting everything around myself”

If you take two picture of your face one previous to this exercise and another afterwards you will notice big differences. Which face would you like to show?

Receive please my brotherly embrace from the core of my true Self.