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As the Americans take off for the Thanksgiving, I just got an email from Congressman Pete Olson (Pete Olson’s website), who represents the Sugarland district in Texas (Houston area).  He has been becoming part of the Indian community occassions and celebrations more and more.   I last saw him at the Diwali fest show at the India House in Houston.  This time, when people are focused on the Thanksgiving, Olson finds time to share a statement of memory of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008.

The attempt of the local Congressman to have greater relationship with the Indians (have seen him in mostly Hindu festival / occassion celebrations) shows a few things:

  • Indians, as a prosperous and newly politically aware community, is becoming politically important.
  • Not only are we growing in numbers, but we are also one of the richest in the country.  So, fund raising can be good as well.

I have seen Indians have started participating in the local political campaigns and also in public offices.  This trend will help us align better with the National polity and share our voice as well in how the America of tomorrow is shaped.

Based on your place of residence in US or in other countries – outside of India – how do you make sure that your voice is heard in the democratic process there?


Washington, DC – Rep. Pete Olson (R-Sugar Land) issued the following statement acknowledging the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2008:

“As our nation prepares to sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving, we must take a moment to remember our brothers and sisters in Mumbai, who were brutally attacked three years ago by terrorists. Many innocent lives were lost in these vicious attacks.
We need no further reminder of the horror terrorists seek to inflict on free nations, free people, and why America must continue to stand with our allies against terrorist operations around the world.  At this moment, we honor the memory of the 166 people who were lost in these vicious attacks. We say a prayer for the victims and their families and renew our commitment to improve coordination between the United States and India to combat terrorism and advance international security.”