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There is this weather satellite called QuickScat launched in 1999 and past its lifetime.  Now it could go away anytime.  US though does not have any thoughts of replacing it.  Loss of QuickScat diminishes the ability to predict hurricanes in the US by ~16%.  When the Director of National Hurricane Center, Bill Proenza, raised his voice… his boss, Mary Glackin, the Acting Director of the National Weather Service, send him a stinker and a warning.

I think this incident is symptomatic of the mindsets prevailing in this country these days.  The Americans are merely under the illusion of living in a democracy… if they look closely.. they arent really!  Slowly but surely, this country is being converted into numerous fiefdoms clinging together.

Btw, this is what this Glackin lady charged Proenza with:

Glackin’s letter, obtained by The Miami Herald, charges that Proenza made statements that “may have caused some unnecessary confusion about NOAA’s ability to accurately predict tropical storms.”
In the letter, Glackin also told Proenza that his actions had been “requiring me to spend a disproportionate amount of time to correct any confusion; causing undue concern and misunderstanding among your staff; and taking valuable time away from your public role . . .”

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