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Mayawati has a special offer in her inbox.  And the offer comes all the way from Europe.  Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is offering to get her brand new British sandals in exchange for political asylum in India.

Julian Assange’s Wikileaks had mentioned how a private jet was sent to Mumbai to get her a pair of sandals.  She has many vices and is obsessed about power and her being assassinated.  But this one point particularly pinched Mayawati.

So, our lady got ballistic.  She retorted that Assange is mad and should be hosted in Agra mental asylum.  Asylum, Assange thinks is good… but of the political variety instead.

“I would be happy to accept asylum, political asylum, in India, a nation I love. In return I will bring Mayawati a range of the finest british footwear.”

There you go.  For the lady who has a fetish with her statues, power, money and now footwear; having British footwear to stride down the halls of rotten UP Assembly buildings will be a great sight!

Interestingly, Mayawati not only smells controversy, but she thinks Julian Assange, the original “Aryan Brahmin” that he is from Europe – is showing his “Anti-Dalit” colors now.  It is interesting how in the minds of these so-called Dalit leaders, everything becomes a “Dalit issue”.

“This is a conspiracy to defame the honest party workers and to create an environment of distrust within the party.  This is indicative of their anti-Dalit mentality”

Last I checked, no one in Europe or US or even Urban India, for that matter, gives a damn about targeting Dalits.  Given her extreme corruption, it would be maniacal to term targeting her specifically as targeting Dalits.  She is as great a caricature – specially for Dalit leadership – as such hypocrtiical leaders can come.  She is a disgrace to India, disgrace to Dalits and disgrace to womanhood.