Miandad argues against India's safety for 2011 Cricket World Cup

Last updated on May 1, 2009

Posted on May 1, 2009

“God, if you can’t do anything good for me… at least hit the rest of the world as well!”  seems to be the prayer that Javed Miandad (director-general of the Pakistan Cricket Board and Father-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim’s son – one of the most dreaded terrorist in the world) had, as he and governing council member Shakil Sheikh argued with ICC on the 2011 World Cup.  According to their logic – if Pakistan is not safe, then India and Bangladesh weren’t safe either.

Well, Miandad should know – after all the blueprints for most terrorist attacks in the sub continent must have been prepared under the able guidance of his son-in-law’s family!

These guys didn’t just stop at the 2011Cricket WC, but also went ahead and raised doubts on India’s hosting of the Hockey WC and Commonwealth Games 2010 as well.

Given, how the mentality of the Miandad-esque Jehadi mindsets work in Pakistan, it is very reasonable to believe that very detailed plans must be being prepared as we speak to disrupt these three sporting events: Cricket World Cup, Hockey World Cup and Commonwealth Games.

This is a time when Pakistan and all Pakistanis who love their country should be steadfastly focused on how to extricate their nation from the quagmire it is in.  LIke Imran Khan argued in one of the recent interviews with Hamid Mir I saw on the net – if Pakistani leaders only engage the world to beg for money and raise the spectre of Jehadi Nuke disaster if that is not given; then what do you expect the world to think about Pakistan?

More importantly, with 75% of the GDP going into TWO main areas – services the debts and military equipment.. and virtually no real exports to speak of; what do you think is the future of Pakistan?  Like the Americans say – It’s the Economy, STUPID!!

As for India, we can sit not care about the mess that Pakistani nation has brought itself into.. except that the mindset that Miandad demonstrates is very much part and parcel of the influential Jehadi establishment that does not refrain from launching attacks on India looking for a Nuke war… little realizing that if one city goes up in a cloud, as Hamid Gul so proudly argued, Pakistan will be wiped off the map.  For Pakistanis that may not be a big deal, but even one city ..or one square inch of Indian territory under Nuke attack is an inch too much for us.

Miandad and Shakil Sheikh were however told about the realities on the ground to push them back:

The source disclosed that Morgan and Lorgat had told the PCB members that no executive board member is willing to play in Pakistan following the unprecedented attack on the Sri Lankan team.  “Morgan and Lorgat noted that such an incident had never happened in any country to any cricket team and it was a big setback for Pakistan cricket. They insisted the attack had changed the views of many ICC member boards who earlier were undecided about playing in Pakistan,” the source said.

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