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The masterminds behind the bomb blasts are Rasool Khan Parti and Mohammad Sufiya Ahmed Patangiya – both, currently residing in Karachi (Farahan Arcade Gulistan). They are originally from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Both were from Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami, but found Students Islamic Movement of India to be the best hiring ground. They were also responsible for murder of Gujarat Minister, Haren Pandya. The planning was obviously done in Kotli, Pakistan in May this year.

So, these blasts will be watershed in the Indian history – as this is the first time that Indian Muslims became the canon fodder instead of the poor Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who end up in the terror camps across the border. All the folks were sent to UAE for “jobs” and from there to Dubai and then to Muzaffarabad in PoK. That is where they were trained. The report says that they avoided the use of RDX as such a large operation could have been detected with the kind of risk involved in bringing RDX to India. The training thus had a new nomenclature – Alternate Explosions! So, RDX was replaced by Ammonia Nitrate.

The bombs were assembled locally and the Ammonia Nitrate came in from Kerala. The trained boys were brought into India via Dubai and then Bangladesh.

That bastard RK Parti is the one who actually decided the time and date of the blasts. And it seems he has a regular stream of Indian Youth outside his home waiting to be recruited.

And this is something that competely amazes me. Yes, things are bad in India but things for Muslims are even worse in the Muslim countries. It is only a matter of time before Pakistan becomes the next battlefield for the US! And to ask honestly, those Muslims in India who complain about “discrimination” – how much of educational degrees have they assembled on their resume? And what was their percentage in their XIIth standard? If anyone works hard, he/she can get what they want.

The question is obviously how can you bring change to “Enlightened Islam” that Musharraf talked about? Because today’s practical Islam is not working for peace. If I was the Prime Minister of India, I would do what Akbar did years back. To bring the Sufism (the spiritual movement within Islam that brough the real meaning of spirituality within the fold) to the fore in Islam and push back Wahabism. There is no reason why anyone outside Islam should even consider the arm-twisting tactics of the Wahabi sympathisers in holding the world to ransom. The strain within the religion which was responsible for millions of killings from Arabia to India should be discouraged and stopped in its tracks before it can make a mess of the world further!

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