Modi had warned.. was the PM Singh waiting for a call from terrorists??!

.. to their credit.. at least the terrorists sent an email.. oh.. well they got late by a few hours maybe.. But they gave the clues all over!

Soon after the Ahmedabad blasts, a call was made allegedly from Sabarmati jail in Gujarat to Pakistan. The conversation was intercepted by the IB. The person who made the call (not named as it may hamper probe) told a person in Pakistan, Operation BAD had been successful.
Based on this intercept, the IB and the Gujarat police decoded the message and came to the conclusion that BAD stood for Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi.
Gujarat Narendra Modi claimed that during his meeting with the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the National Security advisor he had warned them that investigations had revealed that Delhi would be the next target.

And then, Modi did do his part to tell the PM, his Home Minister and the NSA about it.

“About 10 days ago, Modi told Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Shivraj Patil and National Security Adviser (NSA) M.K. Narayanan in Delhi that interrogation of the accused involved in the July 26 Ahmedabad blasts had revealed similar serial blasts were planned to take place in the national capital,”

Says, LK Advani!  So, even if the terrorists phoned Dr. Manmohan Singh and his bunch of jokers – the Home Minister and National Security Advisor… they still would not have done anything!  If at all, Dr. Singh has demonstrated that he is adept at rattling against the BJP – without much provocation at times – and has NO plan whatsoever on India’s internal security!

Heck, even the terrorists know this and have been MOCKING .. really, downright MOCKING the Government by sending out emails before and after the blasts about how they would do it!  Such is the ignominy of Indian state currently!

We have become such poor caretakers of our house.

Yes, yes, Dr. Singh is an educationist and an intellectual.. but what has he done about education?  In his wake, the highest educational institutions like IIT, IIMs have become commodities!  We cannot pay the salary of IIT Mumbai professors but we have opened 10 more IITs!  If quality had not been compromised enough, his Government zealously brought about reservations – saying that it will further increase the seats!

Nothing can be worse than having this cocktail of intellectuals who cannot even be honest to their OWN area and cannot even PRETEND to take care of Nation’s security!

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