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Some more updates:

The threat of terrorists coming via sea to Mumbai was there for a long time!  In fact the Govt. had warned of such an entry 6 months ago.

Intelligence reports had warned that there could be a possible entry of terrorists into Mumbai through the sea route, a
top police official claimed.  “This intelligence was available six months ago and subsequently a barge was found by the locals on Shrivardhan coast in Raigad district four months back,” the official, who did not wish to be identified, said.


The Mumbai attack terrorists could have been Pakistani nationals.  This was revealed by authorities:

“There are indications that the perpetrators of the crime, who arrived in Mumbai by boats, are Pakistani nationals,” authoritative sources said.  The indications are based on information gathered from captured terrorists, the sources said.


Meanwhile the real update on the Jewish family is still not clear.

Gunmen also remained holed up in a building called Chabad House, where several Jewish families live. Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg, the city’s envoy for the community, was being held inside with his wife, a member of the Hasidic Jewish movement said. The couple’s 18-month-old baby was released unharmed.