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My Imaginary dialog with Barkha Dutt (#mumbai)

I had written of the idiocy of the media and specially the nonsense that Barkha Dutt, in particular and NDTV in general was dishing out!  There was this defining moment, among other things, that made many mad!  This guy, whose wife was caught inside was asked – “Aapko Kaisa lag raha hai?”  (How are you feeling).  I am not sure what that guy replied.. but its a pity that I wasn’t there.  Here goes the imaginary dialog that would have occured if I was there.. needless to say it would have been rather short-lived one.. 🙂

Barkha Dutt (in excited and pumped up tone).. SIR.. we heard you wife is inside.. a hostage?.. Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?  How are you feeling?

Me: Well.. since my wife aint there tonight, am kinda low.. need some really hot sex.. how much for coming to bed with me???

Barkha Dutt: WHAT??  What do you think I am?? A Prostitute??

Me: Well, given your coverage I have already figured that out, sweetie… now I am just ascertaining the price!!