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The new Fickle-minded Indian President!

Not that this was not totally unexpected, but it is really shameful for us Indians that after the lofty ideals and spiritual personality like Dr. Kalam.. we have this feather-headed, fickle-minded, egotistic idiot named Pratibha Patil!!  Even after a month, she has not been able to approve a picture of her to be put up in the Indian embassies all over the world and the State Government offices.  Apparently, she is waiting for a celebrity photographer like Gautam Rajadhyaksha to come and make her look like Aishwarya Rai?

Even a month after her election as President, Pratibha Patil is yet to approve her portrait that will be displayed in Raj Bhavans and government offices across the country.
As per convention, the President’s picture is first sent to all Indian high commissions and embassies and then to Raj Bhavans and government offices in India.
According to reports, a picture of the new President did go out to high commissions and embassies but was recalled after it was found not up to the mark. Apparently, Patil herself was unhappy with her picture.