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New Pak Army, ISI connections but Hawala and Dawood keep going on

It is now becoming clear that more and more links to Pakistan Army and ISI are coming up.  This time, however, more links are being unearthed by the US officials.  Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen and Condelezza Rice have been to Pakistan and impressed upon the leadership of the country to “do more” with regards to the terrorists.

The people whom Kasab, the surviving killer has been naming are second Lashkar-e-Taiba military commander who helped engineer the attacks was Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi apart from several retired Pak Army people.

Meanwhile, Indian and American intelligence officials have already identified another Lashkar-e-Taiba operative, Yusuf Muzammil, as a mastermind of the attacks, and said he was in contact by satellite phone with the attackers during their journey.

Also Musharraf has made his first remark on the issue of terror and Pak Govt., and it was pretty surprising one:

“Well, you know if you don’t fight terror and make sure everybody knows how strong you feel about it, you may have problems with other countries like America. And yes – now the situation with India,” the former military ruler said in an interview in London, where he is on a private visit.
Asked if the tension between India and Pakistan would not have occurred if the current Pakistani administration had made it clear how strong it is about fighting terrorism, Musharraf told interviewer Daphne Barak: “You said it.”

Despite all this activity and enormous pressure of the world, the hawala market and the world of Dawood Ibrahim goes as usual.  A few days ago, a few of the don’s relatives including Salim Ansari flew into Pakistan with a valid Indian passport.

Worst is that the hawala market keeps going on the same way.  The front people in Mumbai still keep sending money back and forth to Karachi.  The front man for Dawood had sent out Rs 120 crores recently over to Karachi.

Mohammed Ali, who is the king of the docks and a key person of the Dawood gang, is continuing his operations with impunity. Even after the November 26 terror attacks his smuggling racket remains unchecked.

So, then the question is do we just ask Pakistan to do their “bit” or should we start cleaning up our shores as well and start choking the funding pipeline for such terrorists?