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Officers in Pak Ministry of IT were Phone Guides of Mumbai Attackers

In the 26/11 chargesheet, India has pointed specifically to a serving Colonel rank Pak Army official and a civilian with operation of the VoIP communication that guided terrorists along.  They are Colonel R. Saadat Ullah and Khurram Shazad  – both with Special Communication Organisation operating under Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology.   They had opened a VoIP account with Callphonex, US using Kharak Singh as the name.  It was opened on Oct 21, 2008.  And first payment of $250 was made on October 27 via a Moneygram from Paracha International Exchange a moneygram agent in Lahore.  A second payment of $229 was made on November 25, 2008.  A day before the terrorist team reached Mumbai.

Communications with the Callphonex company was done using as the mail id.  It was operated using around 10 IP addresses (ostensibly, from 10 different places).  Through these IP addresses, the team zeroed-in on these two gentlemen.

There is another Pak Army official who is of interest to India – probably a Major General.  He has been named by Ajmal Kasab and Indian LeT guys Fahim Ansari and Sabahuddin Mohammad, as the one involved in training the cadres for anti-India operations.  It is fairly obvious that Drishtikone’s earlier questions on what constitutes “Pakistani Administration” and who is or is not a state actor were spot on!  First, it is meaningless to talk of Pak Army and ISI separately.  Second, there is a substantial number in those two organizations, who will keep using the terrorists against India.  And this includes those at the higher levels (like Musharraf).