Our private schoolroom: Any park bench.


Sitting down on any park bench is the nearest thing to be in contact both with Nature and with other human beings. A lot can be learned if we just being attentive to everybody and everything, but it would be great if we discipline our mind by using a very kind and subtle suggestion instruct it to just pick out a color, or a shape, or a reflection, or a specific type of movement.It is really amazing how much we have lost regarding appreciating many wonderful simple things.

That’s the reason of my invitation to spend as little as seven minutes with a committed action in our minds; five minutes spend with wide open eyes detecting and computing the chosen action, and just two more minutes spent recalling with shut eyes the observed things or people. As you get convinced of this now useful habit you will surely add different sounds, different smells, even the wind on your face and body it will be like relearning to see, hear,smell and touch.

Wise men from the past and from the present have insisted on changing our world for the better just by changing the way we feel it and perceive it. Our creative imagination hand in hand with our intuition will help us a lot in this new endeavor.

Here I wish to express my gratitude to Charles Wildbank because he has helped me with my Grammar and spelling, that’s why you can easily infer that he didn’t help me with this one.

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