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Pakistan has 100,000 Suicide Bombing Graduates from Madrasas ready to be Employed!

Very Interesting… while the talent of its youth in the rest of the countries is measured in terms of the number and caliber of the Engineers or Doctors that

He also claimed that former ISI Chief Gen (Retd) Hamid Gul had told him during a conversation that according to the Constitution, any citizen of Pakistan can play the role of a "law officer" if he observes some illegal activity somewhere and not find law-enforcement authorities there.

country churns out every year… the Islamic countries are measured in terms of number of suicide bombers it can "graduate"!  So, this cleric of the "Red Mosque" (must be color-blind.. it should have been a "GREEN MOSQUE"!) is boasting of the suicide bombing graduates his Madrasas are bringing out for Pakistan!

I wonder how the curriculum went?  And who would get the maximum marks without practicing the art itself?  These days the rate of unemployment would be really low for such graduates with Iraq being so hot!  Their salaries – which they can take to Heaven, I would guess, to cash it for some extra nude virgins – would be on the rise!!

As a sidenote, one Iranian was remarking recently to me "IN this world, the women are made to cover everything in our religion and we cannot touch them, but in Heaven – which Allah has created for us – we are promised 100 naked women who will take care of us.  I just don’t understand this!"  Huh!  😉 Even I don’t… but apparently these Graduates of the Red Mosque.. DO!

A top cleric of the Red Mosque has claimed that more than one lakh suicide bombers, including 10,000 in the two madrassas controlled by him, were present in Pakistan and were ready to explode at the command of their superiors.
These "suicide attackers are ready to operate anywhere and anytime in Pakistan," Red Mosque’s head cleric Abdul Aziz said.
"We consider suicide attacks are right in Pakistan under a few circumstances while we consider them as absolutely justified in the context of Afghanistan and Iraq," he was quoted by ‘The News’ as saying. "We favoured the Taliban not only in the past, we favour them even today."
The Red Mosque-controlled two madrassas for boys and girls had thousands of students. The burqa-clad girl students and the bamboo sticks-wielding boys have been giving a tough time to police in the capital since January.

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