Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed of Taliban

Last updated on Jun 2, 2009

Posted on Jun 2, 2009

As the attention of people in the world moves elsewhere and specially after the war going on in the country, Pakistan is trying to get away with bringing the terrorism infrastructure back into normal gear.  Hafiz Saeed, the Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the mastermind of the Mumbai Attacks has been released from the jail.

India is obviously not very happy as the External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has registered his displeasure and pledged to take it to the world so that enough pressure could be put on the Pakistani administration to put things right.

The other accused of the 26/11 are

  • Zaki-ur-Rehman: LeT’s Chief of Indian operations who along with Hafiz Saeed masterminded the attack.
  • Abu Al Kama: Head trainer of all the terrorists who helped them get ready for the 26/11attacks
  • Zarar Shah: He set up the communication network which was used by the attackers in Mumbai to keep in touch with the handlers in Pakistan on real time basis.
  • Fahim Ansari: He made maps of all the targets in Mumbai

It doesn’t look like the Pakistanis have learnt any lesson.  Today they are against the Taliban because the “Gun of Islam” is now aimed at them.  Until Taliban’s guns were aimed at Americans or Indians, they were the “Saviors of Islam”.  Now they are the enemies.

From the looks of it, Pakistan has been moving to a point of no return in the spiral of terrorist violence.  It is now at the stage where one who swears by Islam is fighting another – while both have the same enemies, yet they are now at a point that they want to kill each other.  For the Indian strategists, this is definitely the ideal situation, although the toll on normal and poor people is regrettable – for they are the ones who will be hit the most.

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