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Pakistani "State Actors" helping Jehadis to Avoid detection in furture attacks on India

The so-called “State Actors” in Pakistan are now setting up transmitters near the terrorist bases to block the signals from Thuraya sets which can help pinpoint location of the users.   This is being done so that the location of the phones are camouflaged.

After the Mumbai Attacks, the US pushed using their power to get the call logs of the satellite phone calls stored at the Master Control Facility at Sharjah, which was critical in establishing the terror network presence in Pakistan and the fact that Pakistanis were involved.

This time the “State Actors” and the Jehadis are making sure that this does not happen.  The attack this time, will obviate the detection of Pakistan’s involvement.  At that time, except for wringing our hands and feeling mighty angry.. and taking steps to attack Pakistan and risking a Nuke attack, there will be precious little that India will be able to do.

Heck, even by establishing Pakistan’s CERTAIN involvement in the Mumbai Attacks, India has done very little!!  What is the plan that Indian authorities have when the WORST case scenario happens?

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