Peeing people to be publicly embarrassed now; but is that the way to solve this issue?

Last updated on Nov 5, 2012

Posted on Nov 5, 2012

Public Peeing Menace

Defecation in public is a menace in India.  It is often blamed on the person who engages it and that is where most of the emphasis has been when it comes to fighting this ill.  In Jhunjhunu, such people who pee in open spaces will be embarrassed publicly.  In a unique drive, the Zilla Parishad is going to literally make these people “face the music”.

The Jhunjhunu zilla parishad has decided to rope in volunteers who will embarrass people caught urinating or defecating in the open by standing behind them and playing drums or blowing whistles.
To add to their shame, the names of such people will be announced in the village through a public address system. The project has been launched in 34 village panchayats in the district with an aim to get rid of the practice of open defecation.

I believe one should think a little deeper.  The real reason why such things happen and will continue to happen and not end is because there aren’t any useful – not those crappy and completely nauseating – toilets available for people to use.  If you do not have a place to go to, where do you go?  In public of course!  So, what is required is something more genuine.  Public toilets!

Unless we provide that… and in good condition, such public defecation will not end!

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