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Plan to Fly Air India? You will love this one!

Maharaja Welcomes YOU... in ishtyle!

Do you feel that your Air India flight landing is a bit bumpy?  Or the pilot doesn’t seem quite sure when he comes out for his “bio-break” whether he has been pushing the right buttons?  You know that look, right?

Or worse, he is coming out with the manual with the confused look asking YOU if he is getting the instructions to slow down the aircraft right.  Well, don’t be surprised.

The dude just failed flying the smaller aircrafts with the budget airlines AI Express.  As a prize, they promoted him to fly.. err… COMMAND the Boeing-777 aircrafts.

In a new audit report, by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the following observations were made.  The AI Express seems to have become like a feeding ground for the larger sibling – the Air India.  Even when the trainees there failures.  Heck the parents of the failures in AI Express are employees, officers and pilots of the larger brother – Air India itself!

So, welcome to India, the Air India way!!

  • “The records revealed that (two) captains failed (in AI Express)… during Instructor evaluation of DGCA (and were) recommended 200 hours of flying before the next attempt. These two were taken for a direct command on the widebodied Boeing-777 aircraft,”
  • “A P-2 (co-pilot) who failed in two attempts has now been taken up as P-2 (co-pilot) on Boeing-777, subsequently to be trained as commander on that type.”
  • “A pilot had a history of problems during landings (in AI Express) which were not addressed properly in training… it subsequently (led to) an incident with six bounces in a landing. This captain has also been taken up for command on Boeing-777 (in AI).”